Evaluation using ScriptX.Services Cloud

ScriptX.Services for Windows PC compatibility with legacy (ScriptX.Addon ActiveX Control for IE) javascript code

ScriptX.Services for Windows PC must be installed on your PC: Download 

Verify install and dual working

If these don't work, something is wrong with your installation of ScriptX.Services for Windows PC on your PC.

Each sample uses attribute based configuration/initialisation and works in Chrome/Edge/etc and continues to work in IE (ScriptX.Addon).

Using MeadCoJS based code
Classic code without MeadCoJS library, no verification (see console for errors) - all use synchronous initialisation

Common coding scenarios

Bare bones presentation of solutions to porting current code to work with ScriptX.Services (and continue to work with ScriptX.Addon)

Using WaitForSpooling Complete