On the client, ScriptX.Services is a javascript module that communicates with a service using an Open API.

That service can be anywhere: public cloud, private on-premise server or or as a //localhost service on end users' Intel‑based Windows PCs. The client can be running in nearly any browser with javascript enabled, running on any operating system on any device with a network or internet connection.

You can evaluate using ScriptX.Services to provide consistent output and control over printing of your own HTML content using our cloud‑hosted service ScriptX.Services for Cloud. This FREE service generates PDF documents from your HTML with headers, footers, scaling, margins etc specified by javascript on your web pages (see below). Click here to obtain a FREE ScriptX.Services for Cloud license so you can evaluate ScriptX.Services on your own production or development website.

We recommend that you take a look at our introduction and guide, or explore our comprehensive samples.

When you are ready to update to your own on‑premise server or local Windows PC, simply download and install the service and make a couple of changes to your client code to reference your own servers instead of our Cloud‑hosted service and you are good to go.

Start your evaluation with simple code like this:


                <!-- ScriptX.Print.Client library requires jquery -->
                <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/jquery@3/dist/jquery.min.js"></script>

                <!-- source MeadCo script files from GitHub using jsDelivr CDN - http://www.jsdelivr.com -->
                <script src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/scriptxprint-html@1.12.0/dist/meadco-scriptxservicesprint.min.js" />


                <button id="btn_printPage" type="button">'Print' this page to PDF</button>
                <script type="text/javascript" defer="true">  
                'use strict';

                    .addEventListener("click", function (event) {
                        var settings = MeadCo.ScriptX.Print.HTML.settings;
                        settings.header = "ScriptX.Services :: Browser Agnostic Printing";
                        settings.footer = "&D&b&p of &P&b&t";
                        settings.page.orientation =

                        var margins = settings.page.margins;
                        margins.left = 7.5;
                        margins.top = 7.5;
                        margins.bottom = 7.5;
                        margins.right = 7.5;



Replace [YOUR_LICENSE_GUID] with the GUID of your Cloud license. The code enables this button:

Print this page to PDF

Using Internet Explorer?

ScriptX.Add‑on is our original solution to your printing conundrums and runs on Internet Explorer 6 to 11.

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